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Small Hydro Energy

The flowing water in the rivers supplies kinetic energy. This kinetic energy is transformed into our required electrical energy. Small hydropower uses the flow of water to turn turbines that produce electricity by connecting to a generator.
We offer small hydro projects which can capture energy from stream flows or by using dams.


Domestic source of energy.

Reliable & Low maintenance cost.

Not harmful to the environment.

Procedure To Obtain Hydroelectricity

Hydropower is considered the most efficient way to generate electricity. The suitable location for small hydropower plants in the areas where steep rivers are flowing or the hilly areas with high rainfall. For hydroelectricity, the speed or flow of water is most important. That is why these plants are placed in an inclined position of the waterfall.
We change the flow of the water towards the turbine’s blades for the production of hydroelectricity. This flow makes these blades spin. Because of this spin, we generate electricity by connecting an electric generator with the turbine.