Solar Energy

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Solar Energy

The energy coming from the sun in the form of radiated heat or light is known as solar energy. The Solar energy that we produce can be used for solar electricity, solar lighting, solar heating, solar transportation, and for other purposes. We transfer solar energy into electricity through photovoltaic panels. These photovoltaic panels are the type of solar power plant. Photovoltaics directly change solar energy into electricity. They work on the photovoltaic effect’s principle. Some materials contain the property of the photovoltaic effect. This property lets them absorb photons and release electrons. The electrons that are being captured in the electric current can be used as electricity. Solar cells are used to convert the light directly coming from the sun into our required electricity in solar voltaic technology. When photons (light) strikes the semiconductor surface of a sun-powered cell, it discharges electron current. After collecting the current through conductive wires, we sent this to the control network (power grid). Due to this process, we obtain clean electricity in the day time (from the sun) which can be served to our consumers. A plus point of solar energy is that this process doesn’t release any greenhouse emissions. Nowadays, solar photovoltaic has become the fastest-growing source of electricity, and the use of solar energy has been increasing recently all over the world and in Canada.

Solar energy are the fastest growing sources of electricity in Canada

Availability Of Sunlight

The availability of sunlight varies in every area. That is why solar energy depends on the location. Sunlight is very high in arid central districts like in Canada and is very low in coastal areas. It varies due to the decrease or increase in cloud coverage.

Influence On Environment

Solar power does not produce air pollution or greenhouse effects. Solar energy is replacing other energy resources that are more dangerous for the environment. It is helping to diminish the natural impacts of burning fossil fuels for power generation. Solar energy is one of the most generous ways of generating electricity. We are providing high quality solar power plants for your home, offices, and for other places.

Share of Energy Supply from Renewable Sources

13.4% World

10.5% OECD Countries

16.3% Canada