Who We Are

Who We Are

Transocean Renewables supplies superior quality solar modules, inverters & controllers. We provide these renewable solutions for mega projects, cities, municipalities, and Oil & Gas companies.

We are offering full solar products and services. We have developed different renewable commercial rooftops, carport projects, and many other energy power plants along with our partners.

We provide help even if you need a little bit on the engineering side or full-scale engineering, procurement, and construction partner. Transocean Renewables has the knowledge base and the institutional strength to give customers what they need.

Our Vision

Transocean Renewables is considered one of the respected solar energy brands in the world. We have been working on different power projects for almost 20 years. Quality material and customer satisfaction are the top priorities of Transocean Renewable. 

Transocean Renewables mitigates any risk perceived by the financier. We have worked with most of the good suppliers and have special relationships with them. This also helps us to bring equipment costs down substantially. Our experienced team knows the best solution for your project. We always try to provide the perfect solution at the lowest cost possible. Proper installation within time, timely maintenance, and a highly experienced team are some of the top qualities of Transocean Renewables.

Our Services


From a single contract to the independent power producer. This includes all the procurement, construction, and engineering


Our well-coordinated team creates these electric power plants from scratch and provides timely installation of them. Transocean Renewables operates the power projects and provides the maintenance of them.


Transocean Renewables takes on joint responsibility with the partners to complete the project. We work with our partners to obtain the major apparatus and tools. On the other hand, our partner handles all the minor equipment procurement, construction, and detailed engineering.


Hire our talented team of engineers to design the optimal system for your project. Transocean Renewables knows how to design and optimize a solar system to maximize production and your profits.